New Year’s Dread-olutions

Every year, on the very same date, many mark the end of one year and the beginning of another with much fanfare and debauchery. New-Year-2014-Fireworks1Around the world fireworks light the sky; champagne lights our imaginations; dancing and singing light our spirits. It is a yearly celebration that brings together families, friends and communities in an  explosion of joyous festivities – 

December 31st- NEW YEAR’S EVE!!

However, this post is not about partying on New Year’s Eve. No, it’s not even about the evening itself. It is about the strange tradition of New Year’s Resolutions – or as I like to call them: Dread-olutions! 

Granted the horrid Dread-olutions are meant to be a promise to do positive acts of self-improvement or something that benefits others in the year to come – can’t fault that motivation. The dread-olutions even have many religious origins from the Babylonians, the Romans, Christians, etc…


 In the weeks before and after January 1st I am constantly being asked images (5)what my ”resolutions” are for the coming year. That annoys me just like all silly questions irritate me.

Also, who are you to project on me your need to improve in some way – maybe I’m just dang perfect as I am!

Ok, that last one was just to throw you off. Truth be told, I admit that there is so much I could do to make myself healthier, happier, more efficient, more caring and kinder to my fellow beasts on this planet.

That’s problem #1 -I go batty trying to decide which of my weaknesseimages (6)s or faults should take precedence – this alone is a self-esteem buster as you have to dwell on the negative in order to choose which positive traits you are lacking! UGH!!

you-committed-chain-link-ball-determined-goal-question-words-shiny-silver-metal-links-to-illustrate-34057643Problem #2 –  Too many choices and the effort has to last sooo long! An abiding commitment is an absolute must if I am to maintain and grow into the new behaviors I vow to fulfill as my dread-olutions. 

Success depends upon commitment and I don’t know about you but I don’t have
 a great track record for keeping them.

Is it because I’m lethargic, lazy, disinterested or just incapable of keeping my resolve? Ah, to some extent that’s all true but the most significant
lazy_turtleaspect holding me back is that here in North America, and probably elsewhere, I am doomed from the get-go by the typical dread-olutions I am supposed to adhere to.

For example:

I will join a gym & exercise daily &
I will delight in social activities

download (1)                     Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.
(A gym is $$$ & I have chronic pain
& I suffer from anxiety disorder)

I will no longer eat junk food                  I will tithe 15%

images (4)                            currency
(Pleasure will cease to exist &
Charities donate to me!)

Well then, I guess that covers why I hate dread-olusions but where does that leave me? Do I not bother to strive for betterment at all?  Is this just an excuse not to be active or healthy or helpful? Nope. It means I eschew the usual hoo-haw surrounding New Year’s Dread-olusions and go to:

images (7)Which is a life-long work on improving myself and helping make this a better world for everyone!

Share what I can with those whom have less


If I don’t permit myself some goodies, I will not last on any diet

th (1)
I could work on this – within reason
A person has to know when a relationship is toxic & walk away

success (1)
Reject invalidation and develop a more positive attitude!
YAY – everyone is a winner!!!!!

This song is really an advertisement for Der Kettler and all the perky, fit people in it annoy me a little but, if you close your eyes and just listen to the lyrics, it is truly inspiring and empowering. Just the kind of things that RESOLUTIONS  DREAD-OLUTIONS are meant to achieve.

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