Strange Mood Seeks Same (Reblog)

This is a re-blog from my other blog about mental health. I’ve not just gotten lazy; I want to share this (& maybe others) because it is as pertinent today as the day I first posted it 17/02/15. Well, actually I am feeling better today than when I first posted this but the underlying discomfort is omnipresent. That is not to say that I am identifying as being bipolar – I suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder but I am sooo much more!!


I am definitely going through some really odd mood transition. I feel cruddy, yet almost too calm. My brain won’t stop with the compulsive thinking and yet my moods seem to be images (4)all flat-lining at the same time except for agitation… yup, the kind of agitation that makes you need to do something but stops you from being able to focus enough to do anything! Ack!





This has been going on for a while and I don’t know what to attribute it to – I’m mildly depressed, agitated, lacking any motivation, anxious (the kind with no reason why), calm yet co201nstantly seeking something to amuse, stimulate, put some ooomph into my day. The days are just running into each other and I am bored but unable to commit to any project. Ack! I’m all over the place crazy! I feel completely without direction, or too much directions.




So, ok, I couldn’t come up with anything intelligent to blog about so I considered what I needed for a while and I decided to go with …

images855because my brain is overwhelmed with random thoughts and it seemed fitting to share that. I know I’m not alone feeling like this. Sometimes bi-polar episodes are not clear-cut or I’m morphing from one episode to another or, even more uncomfortable, I’m floating out in the world of nothingness.

I have to combat this somehow so I set out to scour the internet for random stuff that made me amused, squirm, listen, be amazed by and so on. This post is all about the visual and auditory random ramblings of a bipolar person totally uncomfortable and at her wits end about what to do with it. Enjoy (I hope).

I begin with the oddest animal photoshop that I found and that made me look twice…


followed by really odd human images…

thLQIQB95O   th6299DQ7D   th81Z45I4Y

Which brings me to my first random rambling… what is it with piercings these days?? These are not bad haircuts you can grow out or safety pins through your cheek… these suckers are going to leave permanent damage! I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just over-the-hill but you try and get a job when your face is all tattooed and your earlobes hang down to your neck… eeew! and good luck!

I follow up with some really bizarre tree formations. I researched this because I love trees and forests as they calm me down and I love their beauty. These trees are pretty special though.
th6YEUIP7E   thH67S46PJ   thBL6W9SVN

Somehow I can relate to these trees. They don’t fit the mold. The one above reminds me that I have holes throughout my core so that I’m not as solid as I could be. I feel like I’m always posing by the top right trees and I feel all twisted and irregular like the forest on the left.


Throw in a couple of jokes to keep things moving….

images589   images582








Now, back to semi-serious I looked up bizarre or unusual cloud formations. Why? Well because clouds fascinate and scare me at the same time – something akin to how I make myself feel – and at the same time they are so beautiful even at their worst – something that I strive to feel about myself! 😀

Aren’t they COOL?!

Lastly, I finish this random rambling with 3 videos that are all extremely different from one another. I chose the first because in a strange way it reflects how I have to be so careful about so many things or else my lifestyle will set off my disorder. It’s an absolute drag. The second I chose because it is a parody of the song ”Happy” and a parody really suits my present state. Lastly, and oddest for me, is a really upbeat Christian song with cheery kids and animals… where the heck did that come from?!? Eh, it made me smile and that makes it worth having the choice spot of ”last but not least”!

Everything that will kill you – from A to Z:


Weird Al Yankovic – Tacky (Happy):

Wierd animals VBS 2014 – All around the world:


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