The 10% Rule – A Poem


 The 10% Rule

every life unfolds
on its own terms
every person fights for life
on their own terms

a game-plan for existence
life has the ball and is running
move right, move left, up and down
reacting to life and it’s vagaries

anguish, despair and vexation
the price of futile combat
life is complex and powerful
wielding weapons of mass depression

the constant worthless battle 
trying to control and manage
life is a formidable, tireless foe
yours and mine and theirs

the power is ours to do and make due
attitudes must be challenged
negative thoughts, feelings renounced
confidence and positivity breeds zest and zeal

the rule of 10% lives on
when life serves you torment and misery
become the 90% that transforms
life becomes wonder, victory, joy

– sm palardy





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