Hmm… Bi means 2, no?

 What exactly is ”bi” about bipolar disorder anyway?

th (73)

bi, bi, bi – it means 2 of something
The image above is typical of how bipolar disorder is represented: depressed OR euphoric.
It really pisses me off.

Blahpolar asked the following question in her 31 day meme: Are you content with it being called bipolar affective disorder, or would you rather revert to manic depression, or rename it completely? Why?

This was my answer: Don’t like either, as they miss the essence of everything in between. The mixed episodes; the dysthemia; the anxiety; the fact that some people only have one manic episode in their life and remain depressed most of the time (or vice versa); psychosis and dissociation; etc. Difficult to come up with a new name tho… something sexy and latin would be nice! 😀

Today I want to address the entire…

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