Saturday Special #3 – RICH RICH RICH: Richest Americans


  This next series of Saturday Specials will focus on the world’s richest and their lavish homes, cars, boats, etc. The stuff that makes us gasp at the luxury and the spoils of the world’s privileged 1%.

I am going to divide the series into different parts starting with the richest of the good old U.S. of A.  In the following weeks I will cover the wealthiest of the world – including what info I can gather on royals and specifically the Saudi Royals and the Sultan of Brunei – in posts that will reflect different aspects of these ultra rich denizens of the world.

Today the USA, next week… THE WORLD!!!!! Enjoy…











Saturday Special #5 – Richest of the World’s Cars & Other Toys!

Welcome to my final Saturday Special focusing on the super rich of the world. Today I take a look at their incredible toys and ludicrously expensive past-times, with a special little insight into the benefits of being a Saudi King. Be prepared to see just about anything you can think of being gold and jewel encrusted!


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Click on the link below for a peek at the little benefits of being the Saudi Arabian King



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Kooky Konstruction

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Welcome avid fans and accidentalist tourists! 

Today I have put together a Kollection of Kooky Konstruction for your amusement. From crazy to amazing to fabulous and unique, these houses and buildings are sure to tickle your fancy. Added to that are two collections to round out the experience: Cool and Wierd Furniture and Awesome Contemporary Design. Oh, and I mustn’t forget! – I finished off the post with the really fun and upbeat Most Colorful Houses of the World.


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