Five Poems by smpalardy

my shelby

she sits quietly with unease
her heart is mean and strong
gleaming eyes sparkling ahead
her mouth gulping in air


flowing curves of sexy muscle
dominant and dynamic
dipped in liquid silver
she is a vigorous lady

– smpalardy


my muse

my muse
sensual curves
consume my mind
she distracts
she compelsthe land is weaving
following her will
quietly giving her
liquid melding way afar

what golden gift awaits
this jagged interruption
is it of nature
or of man
a secret held by my sweet muse

– smpalardy


beneath the rain

a tiny drop begins a rush 
bouncing off the tin sheets
of dull metal roofing
plink plunk plink


what once was insignificant
sheets of diamonds fall
waterfalls cascade and still
plink plunk plink

– smpalardy


mind games

there lives in my head
a very strange lout
long in the wind
very short in the whata simple squatter
a guest in the house
throw him to the curb
he’s causing much doubt

jumble and muddle
i meld into the upset
raised up by that goon
thinking is hurting so much

why do i amuse him
playing into his games
i will myself stronger
shut out his intrusion

raised up by the fire
fueled by good thoughts
i finally dismiss him
casting him out from within

– smpalardy


seeking my rainbow

my mama taught me well
ideals, faith, scruples
my pa trained me well
conduct, character, norms


i struggled with morality
wrestled with the judgment
i clashed with assumptions
standards, attitudes, ideology

filled with doubt and uncertainty
i agonized over my integrity
i was perturbed by my fantasy
the crux of my essence

i climbed the stone steps upward
directed, coached, expected
they were hard and distressing
on the core of my integrity

suddenly i came to see
i need not be disturbed
for high above the route i took
there shone my reality

no ambiguity, no agony
no turmoil or discomfort
there appeared above the path
the rainbow of my authenticity

all doubt dissipated from my mind
my spirit glowed with happiness
my rainbow awaited with bright hues
guiding my happiness and truth.

– smpalardy


Saturday Special #5 – Richest of the World’s Cars & Other Toys!

Welcome to my final Saturday Special focusing on the super rich of the world. Today I take a look at their incredible toys and ludicrously expensive past-times, with a special little insight into the benefits of being a Saudi King. Be prepared to see just about anything you can think of being gold and jewel encrusted!


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Click on the link below for a peek at the little benefits of being the Saudi Arabian King



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Vehicle Collage #4 – Motorcycles

Hello friends and followers! This is the final entry in my colossal collage of vehicles – motorcycles! My favorite vehicles of all.

Here you will find a variety of motorcycle types (from standard cruisers to specialty choppers to sport and concept bikes) grouped into 3 presentations. Enjoy!


Wicked Custom Bikes

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Sport & Concept Bikes

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Beautiful Animal Collage

So far my photo exposes have proven to be quite popular amongst my blog followers and so I shall continue to offer you a variety of them. Animals seem to particularly interest you and so here is another collection of animals from domestic to wild to exotic – all beautiful!! Enjoy…


Cemeteries – The Final Stop


Hello everyone! I’m feeling particularly perky this evening – surprising only because I spent the day immersed in death and the macabre. Somber stuff; or at least I thought it would be. Turns out that there’s this quiet beauty even where there lie the remnants of someone’s beloved. Possibly a parent; most probably a grown child. A coworker, a caregiver, a lover, and a loyal friend. 

If you can work your way passed the human tragedy that a cemetery represents, there is a wealth of delicacy, charm and allure among the marble and the granite. The soft blanket of moss growing freely; transforming the landscape into a magical green world of hushed attention. The sculptures beckon you with their enticing secrets and their pleading; their angst and their relief palpable to the sensitive spirit.  

Again, I recommend that you scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end. 😉 ENJOY!



Welcome     ようこそ     Καλωσόρισμα   Bienvenido     स्वागत     Benvenuti
  欢迎使用     Bienvenue     اهلا بكم     Bem-vindo     ยินดีต้อนรับสู่     Willkommen
ברוכים הבאים     Welkom     Добро пожаловать     Bine aţi venit 





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Goodbye      さようなら    Auf Wiedersehen    La revedere     Au revoir
Αντίο    Adiós     ब्यूनस    
 Addio    再见      وداعا     Tecla Adeus    ลาก่อน
Сейчас слушает     להתראות    




Trucks and Such Collage

Again, scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.


Hello all! Well, today is post #4 of my the mega-collage of vehicles and the focus (as I’m sure the title gives away) is on trucks and all such vehicles that don’t fall under the categories of cars or motorcycles. There are some very funky vehicles and some very striking vehicles today! Peruse at your pleasure & please click on «like» if you do!! 😀




Cars – Kits/Custom/3 Wheeled

Here we go… installment #3 of the mega-collage of vehicles! Today my focus is still on cars but of the more unusual varieties. Some of these vehicles are stunning while others lean more towards the bizarre… check them out and see what you think. 😉



Classic Cars Collage

Welcome to the first of a series of collages of vehicles. This theme just had way too many photos to choose from and too many categories of vehicles so I’m going to chop it into pieces… Cars – Classic, Cars – Late Model & Concept, Cars – Kits/Custom/3 Wheels, Trucks and Such, Motorcycles – Cruisers, Motorcycles – Sport/Concept, Motorcycles – Choppers/3 Wheels/Custom. Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all that; there won’t be a quiz at the end! 😀 

All that just to let you know what’s coming in the next little while. I won’t post them one after another; they’ll be interspersed with posts on poetry, quotes, etc.

I personally am nuts about anything I can ride that has a motor – this is for all you fans of vehicles everywhere!!




Tree Houses & Log Homes

For my next photo expose I dug deep in my ‘architecture’ folder of images and came up with this fun and interesting collection. I’ve always dreamed of living in a funky tree house or in a  log cabin overlooking a lake – it’s just a dream but these photos give me great pleasure.


Have you ever wanted to leave the hustle and bustle behind and hunker down in one of these types of homes? If so, be sure to check this post out!!


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