Saturday Special #3 – RICH RICH RICH: Richest Americans


  This next series of Saturday Specials will focus on the world’s richest and their lavish homes, cars, boats, etc. The stuff that makes us gasp at the luxury and the spoils of the world’s privileged 1%.

I am going to divide the series into different parts starting with the richest of the good old U.S. of A.  In the following weeks I will cover the wealthiest of the world – including what info I can gather on royals and specifically the Saudi Royals and the Sultan of Brunei – in posts that will reflect different aspects of these ultra rich denizens of the world.

Today the USA, next week… THE WORLD!!!!! Enjoy…











Saturday Special #5 – Richest of the World’s Cars & Other Toys!

Welcome to my final Saturday Special focusing on the super rich of the world. Today I take a look at their incredible toys and ludicrously expensive past-times, with a special little insight into the benefits of being a Saudi King. Be prepared to see just about anything you can think of being gold and jewel encrusted!


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Click on the link below for a peek at the little benefits of being the Saudi Arabian King



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Saturday Special #2 – Coasters!!


In keeping with last week’s focus on theme parks, water slides and amusement parks, this post is all about the BIG THRILL!! Yup, I gathered up some fun footage of a wide variety of your favorite ride – dum dee dee dum  –  the ROLLERCOASTER!!

images (1)

Again, I suggest that you scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.












Saturday Special #1 – Wheeee!

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WELCOME to the first edition of a collection of videos that focus their attention on some idea that will have popped into my head when I couldn’t sleep one night. Spinning realities in my head – internet, blog, what? what? what?, fun, do it now! And BAM!, Saturday Special Video Collections are born each Saturday.

This week’s focus is on places and things that make us squeal (hopefully with delight)- Oh, what fun!!

Think summer time and the need to be outdoors having a  good old rowdy time! You can only spend so much time napping in the hammock, tanning on the deck or swimming with friends. Where to go? What to do? How about waterslides, theme parks, or roller coasters?!
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down and check out the selection before taking a decision. ENJOY!

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