Our Strange & Curious World

Ours is a beautiful world with many spectacular sights and animals. Let us discover some of the most attractive and unusual aspects of our land masses and our underwater world. 














Things That Make Me Smile!


Things (animals & people too!) That Make Me Smile

SMILES! ID-100245974Smiles make me smile.

HUGS! th (1) Hugs make me smile.

BABIES! th (3)    Babies make me smile.

DOGS & CATS! 13082585_507760832756410_2408853180560965243_n  Dogs & cats make me smile.

TRUCKS! 0808dp_02_z+custom_big_rig_truck_show+1990_peterbilt  Really cool trucks make me smile.

CLOWNS! ID-10031710Clowns make me smile.

FLOWERS! th (4)  Flowers make me smile.

THIS POST!  images (7)   This post made me smile.



Saturday Special #2 – Coasters!!


In keeping with last week’s focus on theme parks, water slides and amusement parks, this post is all about the BIG THRILL!! Yup, I gathered up some fun footage of a wide variety of your favorite ride – dum dee dee dum  –  the ROLLERCOASTER!!

images (1)

Again, I suggest that you scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.












Beautiful Animal Collage

So far my photo exposes have proven to be quite popular amongst my blog followers and so I shall continue to offer you a variety of them. Animals seem to particularly interest you and so here is another collection of animals from domestic to wild to exotic – all beautiful!! Enjoy…


Cars – Kits/Custom/3 Wheeled

Here we go… installment #3 of the mega-collage of vehicles! Today my focus is still on cars but of the more unusual varieties. Some of these vehicles are stunning while others lean more towards the bizarre… check them out and see what you think. 😉



Artist Dimitra Milan

Young artist Dimitra Milan of Arizona just began painting 4 yrs ago. From classical oil painting techniques to a contemporary mixed style, Dimitra’s skills grew along with her desire to paint. Today, 16-year-old Dimitra Milan is considered a famous professional artist.