Five Poems by smpalardy

my shelby

she sits quietly with unease
her heart is mean and strong
gleaming eyes sparkling ahead
her mouth gulping in air


flowing curves of sexy muscle
dominant and dynamic
dipped in liquid silver
she is a vigorous lady

– smpalardy


my muse

my muse
sensual curves
consume my mind
she distracts
she compelsthe land is weaving
following her will
quietly giving her
liquid melding way afar

what golden gift awaits
this jagged interruption
is it of nature
or of man
a secret held by my sweet muse

– smpalardy


beneath the rain

a tiny drop begins a rush 
bouncing off the tin sheets
of dull metal roofing
plink plunk plink


what once was insignificant
sheets of diamonds fall
waterfalls cascade and still
plink plunk plink

– smpalardy


mind games

there lives in my head
a very strange lout
long in the wind
very short in the whata simple squatter
a guest in the house
throw him to the curb
he’s causing much doubt

jumble and muddle
i meld into the upset
raised up by that goon
thinking is hurting so much

why do i amuse him
playing into his games
i will myself stronger
shut out his intrusion

raised up by the fire
fueled by good thoughts
i finally dismiss him
casting him out from within

– smpalardy


seeking my rainbow

my mama taught me well
ideals, faith, scruples
my pa trained me well
conduct, character, norms


i struggled with morality
wrestled with the judgment
i clashed with assumptions
standards, attitudes, ideology

filled with doubt and uncertainty
i agonized over my integrity
i was perturbed by my fantasy
the crux of my essence

i climbed the stone steps upward
directed, coached, expected
they were hard and distressing
on the core of my integrity

suddenly i came to see
i need not be disturbed
for high above the route i took
there shone my reality

no ambiguity, no agony
no turmoil or discomfort
there appeared above the path
the rainbow of my authenticity

all doubt dissipated from my mind
my spirit glowed with happiness
my rainbow awaited with bright hues
guiding my happiness and truth.

– smpalardy


Things That Make Me Smile!


Things (animals & people too!) That Make Me Smile

SMILES! ID-100245974Smiles make me smile.

HUGS! th (1) Hugs make me smile.

BABIES! th (3)    Babies make me smile.

DOGS & CATS! 13082585_507760832756410_2408853180560965243_n  Dogs & cats make me smile.

TRUCKS! 0808dp_02_z+custom_big_rig_truck_show+1990_peterbilt  Really cool trucks make me smile.

CLOWNS! ID-10031710Clowns make me smile.

FLOWERS! th (4)  Flowers make me smile.

THIS POST!  images (7)   This post made me smile.



Saturday Special #2 – Coasters!!


In keeping with last week’s focus on theme parks, water slides and amusement parks, this post is all about the BIG THRILL!! Yup, I gathered up some fun footage of a wide variety of your favorite ride – dum dee dee dum  –  the ROLLERCOASTER!!

images (1)

Again, I suggest that you scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.












Beautiful Animal Collage

So far my photo exposes have proven to be quite popular amongst my blog followers and so I shall continue to offer you a variety of them. Animals seem to particularly interest you and so here is another collection of animals from domestic to wild to exotic – all beautiful!! Enjoy…


Trucks and Such Collage

Again, scroll down before deciding what to watch — you never know what surprise may await you at the end.


Hello all! Well, today is post #4 of my the mega-collage of vehicles and the focus (as I’m sure the title gives away) is on trucks and all such vehicles that don’t fall under the categories of cars or motorcycles. There are some very funky vehicles and some very striking vehicles today! Peruse at your pleasure & please click on «like» if you do!! 😀




Saturday Special #1 – Wheeee!

images (3)

WELCOME to the first edition of a collection of videos that focus their attention on some idea that will have popped into my head when I couldn’t sleep one night. Spinning realities in my head – internet, blog, what? what? what?, fun, do it now! And BAM!, Saturday Special Video Collections are born each Saturday.

This week’s focus is on places and things that make us squeal (hopefully with delight)- Oh, what fun!!

Think summer time and the need to be outdoors having a  good old rowdy time! You can only spend so much time napping in the hammock, tanning on the deck or swimming with friends. Where to go? What to do? How about waterslides, theme parks, or roller coasters?!
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down and check out the selection before taking a decision. ENJOY!

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Tree Houses & Log Homes

For my next photo expose I dug deep in my ‘architecture’ folder of images and came up with this fun and interesting collection. I’ve always dreamed of living in a funky tree house or in a  log cabin overlooking a lake – it’s just a dream but these photos give me great pleasure.


Have you ever wanted to leave the hustle and bustle behind and hunker down in one of these types of homes? If so, be sure to check this post out!!


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images (10)

My last photo expose was all about quieting and relaxing our bodies and minds – ZEN INFLUENCES – perfect photos to get you in a meditative mood.

Today we swing 180 degrees and keep on swinging! It’s time to check out Parades & Carnivals & Festivals!! There are soooo many of these celebrations that I could fill up several posts with these fun and vibrant images. Choosing what to include was a challenge indeed… hope all this eye candy brings you pleasure!


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