shush – a poem of liberation



the enigma that is me
the keys to my mystery
confidential, baffling
monumental monstrosity

of intimate hush-hush


deep inside me
hidden beside me
you and me
we’ve got them all
rotting in our souls


the undisclosed
do eat the holes
scars fill the whole
furtive glances
do you know as I do?


i fatigue from within
the burden is a demon
turning lies against me
self-esteem becomes a dream
my essence is denied


i must scrutinize
yes, liberate
the truth of my essence
the secrets that i hold


i embrace my individuality
my truth is convoluted
exceptional, commendable
some is undesirable


mental illness
yes, and more
i realize, my rainbow self
discover me i say to you
i dare you to explore

shush… no more

sm palardy



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